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Since the outset of Leath, our goal has been to show that anyone can grow, regardless of experience. Given the proper tools coupled with easily digestible instructions, Leath caters to everyone — from the first time grower to the hardcore gardening expert alike.

Yes! All of our seeds are certified USDA organic, are non-GMO and free of pesticides and fertilizers. 

Coir (coy - er) is a soil substitute made completely out of shredded coconut fiber — great for growing, sustainable, and if we may, so fun to reconstitute and use.

Learn more about Hydrating Your Coir.

Our products are designed in New York and produced in both the US and China. We've prioritized only working with partners who can meet our standards for sustainability and ethical labor practices. 

We recommend hand washing your Fieldhouse grow trays and germination lid / cutting board after every harvest. Use dish soap or food grade hydrogen peroxide, and thoroughly scrub your trays, working to eliminate any bacteria or foreign contaminants. Dry gently and get to planting your next harvest!

Learn more about Cleaning Your Grow Trays.

On average, your greens enjoy 12 hours of light a day. With the Fieldhouse, this is easy to manage with the integrated timer. First press the On / Off button to turn the light on. Once on, press the timer button to activate the 12 hour cycle. The light will glow twice to indicate you've entered timer mode. This will repeat for 7 cycles / 7 days. After this the light will turn off and you can repeat the cycle again as needed.

Keep in mind that microgreens only need to be exposed to light after germination, once 85-90% or more of the seeds have sprouted. Typically after the 2nd or 3rd day.

Learn more about Using Your Grow Lights and Germination.

Apartments, houses, garages, offices, classrooms, you get it.

The Fieldhouse works best when placed in an area of your living space with good airflow and low humidity. Your Fieldhouse does not need natural light thanks to the built-in full spectrum LED grow lights.

Learn more about Where to Set Up Your Fieldhouse.

The Fieldhouse comes with a 2 Year Warranty.


The Fieldhouse is specifically designed for optimal microgreen growing. Microgreens are vegetable seedlings harvested just days into their lifecycle — these baby greens are highly nutritious with more complex flavor profiles.

Learn More

When growing in the Fieldhouse, it is recommended to use Leathlet seed & soil packs directly from Leath. We cannot gaurentee grow results otherwise.

Because each seed has different germination and grow times, we do not recommend mixing your seeds. The Fieldhouse is best used for growing one variety per tray. Though thanks to the fast grow time, you can try one variety this week and something new the next! 

Microgreens do not re-grow once harvested. However, sometimes you can get a smaller second harvest a few days after the first. This is from the seeds that were slower to germinate and were then hidden from the grow light by the canopy of its larger leafy pals. 

After you've harvested a tray, compost the remaining grow medium, wash your trays, and plant again.

You can ensure you never run out of seeds and soil by enrolling in our Leathlet subscription. Choose whether you want to grow once, twice or three times per month while saving up to 20% + free shipping. Change, skip or cancel your subscription anytime. Shop Now

If you are new to growing, we tend to recommend starting out with the smaller seed varieties (Radish, Medley, Broccoli, and Arugula) because the larger ones (Sunflower and Pea Shoot) require an extra step of soaking in water before planting. Once you get into the swing of things, plant to your heart's content!

Once your seeds have exited the germination stage (germ lid has been removed and seeds have been exposed to light), we typically advise watering once every 1-2 days or when the coir is visibly dry.

There are a number of variables that affect when you should water. The best rule of thumb is if the grow medium is already visibly hydrated, you can hold off on watering for another day.

We strongly encourage users to visit our Watering Guide for visuals and to learn how to recognize when your greens need water. 

Root hairs are the seeds way of seeking out water during the early stages of germination.

Commonly confused for mold, these tiny, white, fuzzy strands are perfectly normal and a sign of healthy forming root structures.

Learn more about them by visiting our Root Hair Guide.

Each seed type is different, but on average your greens take anywhere from 7-10 days from when you plant until they are ready to harvest. Not ready to eat just yet? No problem — just continue to water as usual. Arugula, broccoli, radish and medley can grow and stay fresh for up to 20 days. Sunflower and pea shoot greens should be harvested within 15 days — after this, the flavors and texture will begin to change.

The first set of leaves that appear are called the cotyledons. The second set are called the true leaves. Generally, you want to harvest before the true leaves appear, but they’re still perfectly fine to eat if they are beginning to grow.

The seeds themselves contain plenty of nutrients for them to sprout and grow to the microgreen stage. However, the density in which microgreens are planted does not allow for these greens to grow longer than a few weeks as the roots will become overcrowded.

Visit our Harvesting Guide to learn more.

For the quickest response, drop us a line to our email at and we’ll get back to you there.

It's always helpful to include photos if you have a specific question about your greens.


Setting up the Fieldhouse is quick and easy when utilizing our video and written instructions. Get growing in about 20 minutes or less. Find Assembly Instructions for the Fieldhouse over in the Education Center along with Grow Guides for each seed type.

Orders typically ship out in 1 to 3 days. Check the tracking information in your shipping confirmation email to stay up-to-date.

Reach out to us within 30-days of purchase to return your unused Fieldhouse in it’s original packaging. Returns are subject to a $30 shipping & restocking fee. All individual seed sales are final.

View our full Return Policy or Contact Us to request a return.

Receive Free Standard Shipping within the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) on all Fieldhouse Starter Set orders when you sign up for our email list. Receive Free Standard Shipping on all Leathlet subscription orders. All other purchases will include a $10-20 fee at checkout for Standard Shipping (2-5 business days). Express Shipping (1-2 business days) is available for $35.

Once your order has shipped, you'll receive a tracking number to monitor its whereabouts and ETA.

Please allow for 24 hours for your tracking link to update should you not immediately see activity.

At this time, we can only ship orders within the United States. Stay tuned for updates!


When you’re enrolled in a Leathlet subscription we’ll automatically create orders for you on a repeating basis.

Currently, Leath offers 3 subscription frequencies shipping every 2, 3, or 6 months. Subscription orders are always shipped in packs of 6 Leathlets, of which users select which seed varieties they'd like to receive.

Want to grow radish greens this month and pea shoots the next? Create your own subscription combinations and change, skip or cancel anytime. 

Yes! You can swap between seed types and frequency options to adjust what you receive in each order via your account. Log in through our Accounts page to manage. 

To reduce our carbon impact, Leathlet subscription orders are sold in editable packs of six and shipped every 2, 3, or 6 months.

Worried about the shelf-life of the seeds? Our Leathlets come in sealed bags that preserve seeds for over 2 years after packing.

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